Montessori Learning Center's Enrichment Program

Enrichment Programs

Expanding our education beyond a traditional classroom

Children learning at Montessori Learning Center

More than just a basic education

The Montessori Learning Center of Fort Walton Beach is proud of our enrichment activities. We have a great history of inviting local groups to come and educate our children on anything from music to law enforcement.

Our visual art program is thriving under the direction of Ms. Bethany Baldwin. We are a school that doesn’t just do crafts; but teaches color theory, drawing, painting, and perspective. Ms. Bethany spearheads a plastic bottle cap drive each year. She and the children create a piece of upcycled fine art for display at our school, or to be auctioned off as a fundraiser. By making these pieces of art with otherwise discarded materials, we help fuel our vision statement of creating positive stewards of our community.

In addition to our art program, we also have Physical Education. Our P.E. teacher created an energetic curriculum for our Kindergarten and Lower Elementary students that incorporates their current academic lessons with nutrition and wellness practices. The children are learning teamwork and the power of exercise.

The Montessori Learning Center has a dedicated parent enrichment committee that is constantly looking for scientists, artists, musicians and more to come in and give presentations to our students. Please contact the school if you are interested or have ideas for our program!

Learning tools in classroom at Montessori Learning Center

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

 -- Maria Montessori